Climate and Average Weather in Thailand

Thailand has a tropical climate and the weather varies every season. Depending on the travel period and location, it can be (very) hot and humid. In 'winter' months the average maximum temperatures falls between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius (82 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit), in spring and summer you can count on 30 to 36 degrees Celsius (86-97°F). April is the warmest month.

May is the start of the monsoon (rainy season) at the west coast and it lasts until the end of October. Usually, the rains are short, but with very heavy downpours. October is on average the wettest month throughout the whole country. November until April weather is the best time to go to the West Coast (Andaman Sea). December until May weather is best time to go to the East Coast (Gulf Coast).

In winter in the north of Thailand sometimes the temperature will fall under 10 degrees Celsius (50° Fahrenheit) in the evening. However during the day the temperature will rise to almost 30 degrees Celsius (86°F) again.

You may have to deal with typhoons or cyclones. The chance of typhoons is the highest from June to December. Cyclones form in the period April to December over the Indian Ocean. But because they mainly move in western, northwestern and northern directions, you don't experience them so quickly in Thailand. If they do you have a bigger chance in the beginning and at the end of the cyclone season.

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