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Because Peru has such a diverse geography the climate also varies per region. If it's warm on the coast, it can be very cold in the mountains and you can find completely different weather in the jungle.

On the coast winter lasts from June to September. During this period, the mountainous areas are often sunny and warm during the day but cold at night. In the Amazon region of Peru and the lower area east of the Andes mountains, the daytime temperature is fairly constant all year round with 30 to 33 degrees Celsius (86 - 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to the high relative humidity, it can feel even hotter. In the 'dry months' the maximum temperatures can rise a little further, especially in July and August.

In the Andes mountains the temperature is mainly determined by the altitude. For example, the average annual temperature in the valleys is often between fifteen and twenty degrees Celsius (59 - 68°F) while on the upper peaks it can be below freezing. West of the Andes the temperature is in general lower than on the east side.

Heavy rains in the mountains and jungle last from December to April. It hardly ever rains in Lima and most of the coast. However there are some places, like Tumbes and Piura, which have tropical climates.

The best time to visit the Peruvian coast is from November to April. The sun shines often and you will experience pleasant temperatures. The best travel time for the Andes mountains is from May to October.

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