Climate and Average Weather in Chile

Chile is a vast country. From north to south it is approximately 4,300 kilometers so the climate varies in this country. In the north of Chile you will find a desert climate, there is little rainfall. In some places there is even no rain and if there is rain it falls in the months of January and February.

A Mediterranean climate prevails in central Chile, making it an ideal climate for grapes. There is a maritime climate in southern Chile. It rains a lot here and it gets very cold in winter. In summer it stays fresh and the wind blows throughout the year.

In Chile the seasons are reversed from that in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, Chilean Ski Resorts should be visited during the months of June to August. Other than that you can say that December to February is the best travel time for a holiday to Chile. It is pleasantly warm in much of the country, without getting too hot. The Capital Santiago is one of the warmest places with an average maximum temperature of about 28 to 30 degrees Celsius (82-86° Fahrenheit) during the local summer. If you prefer a bit cooler weather we suggest to visit Santiago and Middle Chile from September to November.

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