Climate and Average Weather in Cape Verde

Based on precipitation amounts, Cape Verde falls just short of the criteria for a warm desert climate. However because rainfall is very erratic, it can easily happen that precipitation during some years is so low that based on that year it would be a desert climate.

In general the warm semi-arid climate in Cape Verde is milder than that of the African mainland. This is because the islands are surrounded by the sea, which means temperatures are generally moderate. During the coldest month January in Cape Verde, the average temperature ranges from pleasant in Nova Sintra with 22°C (71°F) to high in Praja with 26°C (80°F). Minimum nighttime temperatures generally drop to 20°C (67°F) in Praja and 15°C (59°F) in Nova Sintra..

September is the warmest month and the average temperature ranges from high in Nova Sintra with 26°C (78°F) to very high in Praja with 31°C (88°F). Minimum nighttime temperatures generally drop to 24°C (75°F) in Praja and 20°C (68°F) in Nova Sintra.

It does rain irregularly between August and October, with frequent brief very heavy downpours. September is the wettest month of the year and precipitation ranges from moderate in Sal with 33mm (1.3inch) rainfall to high in Nova Sintra with 121mm (4.8inch) rainfall.

Cape Verde is an excellent destination to visit all year round. However if we are to designate a period as the best travel time for Cape Verde, then we suggest to go from November until the end of June. From the end of July to the end of October there is a period when the Barlavento Islands (including Sal and Boa Vista) can sometimes experience some rain. In addition, between mid-August and the end of September there is a very small chance of a tropical cyclone.

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