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You will never forget this unique sustainable hotel in Mauritius

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Sometimes you come across a place that just steals your heart. The Salt of Palmer hotel in Mauritius is one of these places. The moment you step in you will have a real wow moment, we fell in love with the decor and the fantastic colors. The Camille Walala design throughout is beautiful and makes the hotel feel like a real oasis. You stay starts with a seated check-in at the lounge area and a welcome drink with short meditation. You straight away know this is not going to be a standard stay at a random hotel.

The hotel offers complimentary snorkeling trips and glass bottom boat rides which are both amazing. They have lots of activities and they know how to keep their guests entertained. We were amazed by the atmosphere, it is very different from your typical fancy resort. It is on much smaller scale which means it still has a personal touch.

The beach is stunning and the best beach on the island. We spend many hours just laying on the beach, reading a book and enjoyed doing nothing.


Another highlight of this hotel is the food. There are so many healthy options to choose from and even lots of vegan options.

They use all locally sourced fresh produce and the breakfast was a real treat and is not to be missed. 


We don't know how they recruit this staff, but someone knows how to find the gems on the island. Every single staff member was amazing. We won't forget the beautiful smiles easily.


This hotel is leading the way in terms of sustainability. Everything is made from environmentally friendly material. You have unlimited drinking water for the room which they supply in glass bottles. The in room toiletries are amazing all organic, natural and smell lovely.

Also for the manner in which it is supporting the local communities it deserves a price. Resorts can so often be seen as taking over the landscape, without offering anything real to the local people. At Salt every element of what has been created has support of the local communities at its core.

From the local woven beach bags that guests can use during their time at the hotel to the nice smelling toiletries. Salt truly offers a new approach and shows how the future of travel could look like.

Best time to visit

Mauritius has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. November to April are the summer months which means it is warm and humid. June until September it's winter with cooler temperatures and less rain. Tropical cyclones occur the beginning of the year from January to March bringing very heavy rain.

How to get there

Salt of Palmar is  in a beautiful location and you can reach it through a taxi by almost one hour (it cost around 2300 MUR) from the airport.

This article was last updated on December 07, 2020.