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The Okavango Delta

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The Okavango Delta is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and will be an absolute highlight if you travel to Botswana in Africa. The rich vegetation on the many islands in the delta makes this area an ideal habitat for hippos, elephants, lions and many bird species. You can even find the famous big 5 here. The unique location, the peace and beauty in combination with excellent game viewing makes this a bucket list destination you will never forget.

The Okavango Delta is a swamp area that is fed by the Okavango River. It is a beautiful expansive area full of waterways, lily-filled lagoons and forested islands that occupies around 15000 square kilometer. This makes it the largest delta in the world. The Delta is located in the north of Botswana, in the middle of the swamp area in the Kalahari. The Okavango River is 1600 kilometers long. This river starts in the highlands of Angola and ends in the Kalahari area. The delta area has a reversed season; In the dry season the water is highest and vice versa.

There are different ways to enjoy the Okavango. A walking safari through the Okavango Delta is a unique and exciting experience. During the safari you can come face to face with elephants, lions and buffaloes. Somewhat quieter is a boat safari. Sail through the tall grass and enjoy the tranquility and vastness of the unique area. We recommend to stay at least two or three days so that you can spend one or 2 nights in the area. If you decide to stay for several days, you can camp on one of the safer islands of the Delta. At night it is compulsory to keep a campfire so it keeps wild animals away.

Where to stay

A great base to explore the Delta is the Thamalakane River Lodge.

It is a beautiful lodge with bungalows by the river. The restaurant is great and has an amazing view as you can see. On they get an average rating of 8.5.

When to visit

The Okavango Delta can be visited throughout the year and every period of the year has its own charm. From November to April is the rainy season. This is the time when everything turns green, animal pairs, and all creatures come to life, a real spectacle in Okavango Delta. Despite the fact that there are more baby animals to spot, the chance to get caught in the mud or in the water is greater than in the dry season. The dry season is from May to October and during this season the Delta is most visited. Expect nice and warm temperatures, wild sounds and fantastic views with breathtaking sunsets.

The delta is also a breeding ground for hundreds of bird species. These migrants arrive around November which make this area a true paradise for bird lovers. Click here for more average weather information in Maun. 

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