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See the Sahara in Tunisia

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Tunisia, a country with one of the most amazing evening skies, smelly, gray ports and markets with delicious street food. Where ugly concrete hotels are surrounded by a beautiful untouched desert landscape and where you will meet pushy salesmen and loving friendly camel herders. As you can see Tunisia is a land which you can hate and absolutely love. We are super glad to have visited this country. Especially our two days of adventure in the vast Sahara, the largest sand desert on earth which is something for everyone's bucket list.

If you want to see a lot of Tunisia, a two-day Sahara Explorer is the way to go. With 1200 kilometers you can see half of Tunisia. Slightly touristy, but that has a legitimate reason: the landscape is beautiful, rough and unreal. From the coastal town Hammamet most tours leave.

The greener way to get there

If you want to avoid using the plane to get to Tunisia you might want to consider taking the train to Genoa in Italy and then take a ferry. The average CO2 output is estimated 0.12 kg per passenger kilometer by ferries as opposed to the 0.35 kg per passenger kilometer for domestic jet-engine flights. There’s been a rise in international ferry travel over the past few years. They tend to produce less greenhouse gas per mile as it uses the heat generated by its engines to heat passenger areas or water. Most ferries also have a power-save mode to reduce the amount of energy used for lighter loads. You could even hitch a ride on a cargo ship for a truly unique trip.

There are 3 ferry routes operating between Italy and Tunisia offering you combined total of 11 sailings per week. Grandi Navi Veloci operates 2 routes, Genoa to Tunis runs 3 times per week & Civitavecchia to Tunis about 1 time weekly. Grimaldi Lines operates 2 routes, Civitavecchia to Tunis runs 2 times per week & Salerno to Tunis about 2 times weekly. Tirrenia (CTN) operates 1 route, Genoa to Tunis which runs 3 times weekly. You can book it by following this link.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Sahara is more towards the winter. This means more bearable temperatures in south of Tunisia. In the middle of winter in January it might be too cold since at night it is often freezing. The months of October, November, March and April are therefore the most ideal. Click here for more climate information

Where to stay

We absolutely recommend to stay at Hotel Dar Hi. This eco-resort is a perfect place for everyone. It's an architectural wonder where you can totally relax. The staff are amazingly friendly and it felt like I was a guest in their home. The spa is wonderful and only the best organic products are used. Dar Hi is eco-friendly and serves the most fantastic local organic food. We want to go back. On they get an average rating of 9.2.

If you are a budget traveler you might want to have a look at our map below

This article was last updated on December 04, 2020.