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Peace, beauty and silence in Vietnam

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We found out that traveling through Vietnam can be a bit hectic. It is often hot, wet and the traffic and pollution in certain areas can be overwhelming. After a few weeks of traveling around we decided to treat ourselves to some beauty and luxury. We decided to visit Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa in Vietnam. Here we relaxed in a natural area, with enough silence around us and a lot of beautiful spaces to enjoy.

Vedana is located along the shores of a secluded, peaceful and serene lagoon, surrounded in lushly forested peaks. This ensures an isolated appeal and stunning views across a vast immense lagoon, one of the largest in south east Asia. The resort lies between two cities: Hue and Hoi an. With over 27-hectares the resort is huge.

Meditation and yoga

When we heard the resort offered yoga and meditation we could not have been more pleased. The yoga classes take place on an open terrace above the water. We also tried the Tai Chi here which we also loved. You also have chakra classes that focus on healing your energy centers. The yoga classes usually last 60 minutes and a chakra treatment lasts 30 minutes.

The rooms

The bed in our room was enormous and we loved the soft sheets and pillows. The bath was situated, whereby you had views over the lagoon and the shower had windows overhead so you could see the trees.
Such an amazing delight having a shower and bath with lovely views. We were given bikes to explore the resort.


Of course for us it is important that a resort we visit has sustainable practices. Luckely Vedana had many. Here a few things we noticed:
• sensors and timers are used to turn off unnecessary electrical equipment

• they encouraged us to follow energy-saving practices, to close window shades before leaving our rooms, and to use towels or linen for more than one day.

• used eco-friendly, natural and re-usable materials.

• they provide a fair living wage and benefits to all employees.

• they buy fair trade product: vegetables, food, drinks and equipment produced by local companies.

• they buy local products and materials that require less transport, packaging and storage and may enhance community relationships and goodwill.

• 95% of the employees are local people.

Best time to visit

Hanoi experiences wet summers and mild, dry winters. The rainy season starts and ends earlier here (March - September) than the south (May - October). We recommend visiting this resort from November until February when it's dry and the temperature and humidity are also much lower compared to the rest of the year. Click here for more climate information.

This article was last updated on August 23, 2021.