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A paradise called Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands belong officially to India, but are actually closer to Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand. The result is amazing white sandy beaches (one of the most beautiful beaches in the world), spectacular nature combined with Indian budget prices.

Best time to visit

The best period to visit the Andaman islands is from November til mid-May. From mid-May til November the monsoon kicks in and you are most likely spending most of your days in the rain. Click here for the average weather on Havelock Island.

The best best time to visit

Starting mid-April most tourists leave the Andaman islands because of the upcoming monsoon. However this is not correct. The monsoon starts in May but Lonely Planet names it starts in April. This means that you will find only 50 foreign tourist on Havelock Island which has more than 3000 tourists in the peak season January (This was when we visited in 2016).

So if you like a quiet beach and just a few tourists around than this is the time to go. Only take into account that the ocean will be very warm at beach number 5. This is not an huge problem, you can always rent a scooter to beach number 7 where you can enjoy a fresh rough ocean.    

Be aware

When applying for a visa for India, keep in mind that, regardless of your visa, every tourist receives a permit for only one month for the Andaman Islands. This is probably because they are afraid that people won’t leave the island. Which makes sense. We did not want to leave this peace of Paradise as well. 

Where to stay?

If you are looking for a great hotel, we really recommend this place: The barefoot. It is the best resort we have stayed in so far. You stay very close to nature. It feels like you are staying in a forest and the beach is just few steps away. The food is extremely good, the breakfast is more than what you expect at this place. The restaurant also had multiple options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The service standards of the restaurant staff was excellent. The rooms were comfortable and spacious. This hotel receives a 8.9 on and you can book it here.

This article was last updated on November 05, 2019.