Not on the map - Yoga Teacher Training in Kenya

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Skin glistens in the afternoon light with the warmth of a well sequenced vinyasa practice. Inner happiness radiates out through sparkling eyes and a sun kissed glow is evident on smiling faces. We are one reclined twist away from savasana.

It’s only day 6 of a 20 day yoga training but already the rawness of mother Africa, and the magic of Lamu are showing on the faces of the yogis.

At dawn each morning we take a dhow across the channel between Shela and Manda. Our silent commute sees the changing colours of the sky as indigo of night gives way to pinks of day. The gentle movement of the boat gives an indication of whether the tide is coming in or out, our connection to nature unmissable. 

In a place so untouched we really are walking on the same earth elephants roamed not so long ago. Dolphins and turtles are regularly seen sharing the water with us and mostly we are spared the noise and pollution of traffic as donkeys are the most common form of transport. 

Combining the simplicity of life in Lamu with the cleansing daily practices of asana, pranayama and meditation along with a nutritiously dense menu and a curriculum created with love and kindness students gain the skills, courage and curiosity to unravel layers of their heart and to discover their authentic voice so they can teach yoga from a place of sincerity if they choose.  

Calling East Africa home has not been easy.  We have overcome a lot of challenges with perseverance and belief and in doing so are rewarded with the gifts of operating in an off the map location. Seeing others empowered by our existence, impacting communities, entrepreneurship and supporting dreams have been our guiding star since conception. It’s beautiful seeing them manifest.

The mountain gorillas, white sand beaches and glorious sunsets are just an added bonus.

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This article was last updated on December 23, 2020.