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Go to Wadi Rum in Jordan

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Wadi Rum, in the Southwest of Jordan, is one of the most beautiful "deserts" in the world. Wadi Rum offers so much: beautiful views, enormous rock mountains, valleys of sandstone and granite and of course a lot of sand. But to be honest every description does not do justice to this beautiful area. We suggest you add it to your bucket list and go see for yourself.
Wadi Rum is located in the south of Jordan, near Aqaba. The area extends over a length of 130 kilometers (81 miles) and has been a protected area since 1998. The town of Rum is the only village that you will find in this sand mass and the desert is inhabited by the Bedouin. These Arab nomads live in tent camps in the desert and continue their traditional nomadic existence. It is estimated that there are five thousand nomads living in the area. 

Did you know that the Wadi Rum offers the most beautiful sunsets in the world? The sand and the rock formations run through the entire color spectrum. Beautiful orange and scarlet colors that are hard to capture on photo, it is never as beautiful as in real life. As the night falls, the Bedouin make music and you can dance with them among the stars that are becoming increasingly bright. After an overnight stay in the open air you will feel wonderful. The next morning you can enjoy a cup of fresh Arabic coffee and a new adventure in the desert can begin.

With a jeep you can penetrate deep into the desert area and visit the most beautiful places of Wadi Rum. However one of the most popular excursions for tourists is a trip by camel through the desert of Jordan. Exploring Wadi Rum on foot is often very hot and tiring. Especially in the afternoon it is nice if you can just sit back and relax, on the "ship of the desert. 

Where to stay

If you are looking for a unique place to stay in Wadi Rum and you are not on a budget we recommend Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel. The star gazing panoramic capsule rooms are incredible. These luxury capsules have all the facilities one finds in a 5 Star Hotel. Honestly, we did not not expect it to have such comfortable facilities in the middle of the desert. The staff were super friendly and it was an exceptional experience to stay in such a beautiful space in the desert. They get an average rating of 9.2 on

Best time to visit

The best travel time for Wadi Rum is March to May, October and November. The spring and autumn offer the best weather for a visit to Wadi Rum. You avoid the extreme heat of summer and a heavy suitcase full of sweaters in December and January. Click here for average weather details in Wadi Rum.

This article was last updated on February 09, 2022.