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Explore The Land of Giants In Deosai National Park Of Pakistan

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Explore The Land of Giants In Deosai National Park Of Pakistan You must be wondering why it is called “The Land of Giants” in Pakistan. well, Deosai means “The Land of Giants” and this word was used in old folk tales of Pakistan to refer to this auspicious-looking plateau of Pakistan. So, pack your bags as we are going to take you to the highest plateau in Pakistan, located in its most astonishing province, Gilgit Baltistan. 

Who does not want to see the beauty of a national park on the roof of the earth? It is every traveler’s dream, right? So Deosai stands tall at an altitude of about 4500 meters (14763 ft) above sea level with its beautiful and rugged landscape offering a truly spectacular sight for its travelers. With tens of glaciers, this national park is home to some of the finest scenery in all of Asia. The area around Deosai National Park is also rich with archaeological remnants from ancient civilizations.

You can also watch some spectacle visuals of this glamourous national park in the following video: 

What to do in Deosai National Park?

If you're an adventurer by heart, then you must be looking for an unforgettable adventure. Let me tell you that Deosai National Park is the perfect destination. It's a heaven for nature lovers and wildlife watchers alike, with hiking opportunities galore and stunning scenery that's hard to beat. 

Deosai National Park path

You can hike down into the valleys or take a stroll around the lake. The views are breathtaking—you'll see mountains, lakes, rivers and more from every angle, isn’t that unbelievable? Or too good to be true?

You'll also find plenty of other activities to keep you busy while you're there: fishing for trout (which are delicious!), horseback riding through meadows and forested areas, and watching wildlife come to water sources at night-time (don't be surprised if you run into some elusive Asiatic black bears or even tigers!).

If camping is your thing, then camping under the stars is what you want! There's nothing quite like waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and water gurgling in a nearby stream. The air will be fresh and crisp, with just a hint of humidity in the morning that'll disappear as soon as it gets warm enough for you to take off your jacket. If you're up early enough, head out on a hike before breakfast—it'll give you plenty of time to explore before the sun starts beating down too hard.

Where to stay in Deosai National Park?

There are a number of hotels and guesthouses in Skardu and Gilgit so you shouldn’t have any problems finding accommodation. If you want to stay in Skardu, we recommend the Hispar Hotel. It’s not the cheapest option but it’s one of the nicest! The rooms are big and clean and there is a restaurant downstairs that serves great food. These rooms have all the facilities that one needs during their trip to the mountains, such as electricity, a heater, a fan, etc., which will help you enjoy your stay at this beautiful place.

You can also check out Arish Luxury Suites if you want to stay in Deosai National Park. This hotel has a great view of the Deosai plains so if you are looking for such a room then this is an ideal choice for you as well as your family members or friends who will be accompanying you during your trip to this amazing place. 

How to get to Deosai National Park?

The best way to get to the park is by flying into Skardu Airport, Skardu is a city that sits at the base of some of the highest mountains in Pakistan and just south of the Tibetan Plateau. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to Deosai National Park.

Alternatively, if you're coming from Islamabad or Lahore, consider booking yourself on one of several buses that make their way up through Gilgit and into Skardu every day (the trip takes about eight hours). The more adventurous may wish to drive themselves; this route has been described as "one of the most scenic drives in Asia." 

Best Time to Visit the Land of Giants

The best time to visit Deosai National Park is from Mid-June to August. During this time, you can witness the full beauty of the park. The wilderness and wildflowers are in full bloom, huge grasslands, lush with flowers and greenery greet you everywhere. The weather during this season of months is pleasant enough for hiking activities as well as camping out in one of the many campsites available within or nearby Deosai National Park Pakistan.

If you want to feel like an explorer, then you should visit Deosai National Park in June when most plants are blooming and also find some wild animals hiding among these flowers who love to graze on these grasslands during the summer season in Pakistan.

In short, Deosai National Park is a beautiful place to visit with your family. The beautiful landscape and the scenic beauty of this place make it an awesome place to explore.

The park has many attractions for you and your family to enjoy, so if you are planning a trip to Pakistan then do not forget to add Deosai National Park to your bucket list. If you want to know more facts and information about this unique national park then watch this video:

This article was last updated on September 14, 2022.