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Climate and Weather of Laos

Laos has a tropical monsoon climate, defined by its distinct rainy season from May to October. Also you can find a refreshingly cool dry season from November to February, and a notably hot dry season in March and April. Although monsoons generally occur synchronously across the country, their precise onset can differ from one year to the next due to regional variations in monthly rainfall. For those seeking detailed climatic insights, various cities lower on the page provide specific data from their dedicated weather stations.

Temperature nuances are evident throughout the year. For instance, the Mekong region experiences average highs of around 40°C during March and April. Yet, in the contrasting chill of January, the uplands of Xiangkhoang and Phôngsali can dip to lows of 5°C or even cooler.

December in Laos presents a diverse climate spectrum, with temperatures fluctuating from a pleasant 21°C in Xam Nua to a warmer 33°C in Ban Dondét. As night falls in the country, Xam Nua witnesses a dip to a cooler 10°C, while Ban Dondét maintains a relatively mild 22°C. During this month, Luang Prabang, with its storied cultural heritage, undergoes its coolest annual temperatures.

Precipitation varies, with places like Savannakhet receiving a modest average of 5.8 mm, while Louang Namtha can expect a more substantial 35 mm. Yet, the balance of sunlight remains consistent across regions, with locales like Luang Prabang enjoying approximately 174 hours of radiant sunshine.

Transitioning to April, Laos warms up significantly. Daytime temperatures range from a comfortable 28°C in Muang Phônsavan to a balmy 37°C in Ban Dondét. Nights in Muang Phônsavan are relatively cooler at 17°C, whereas Ban Dondét retains warmth at 26°C. Notably, April stands out as Laos' hottest month. Travelers venturing during this time are advised to pack light, breathable summer clothing to optimize comfort.

Rainfall patterns in April vary, with areas like Attapu receiving a moderate 68 mm, while Ban Tayun experiences heftier showers, accumulating an average of 217 mm. Amid these varying weather conditions, Luang Prabang remains a full of sunlight, gifting its inhabitants and visitors with nearly 197 hours of it.

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