A little stretch of paradise in Ghana

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Ghana was mainly visited in the nineties by volunteers, development workers and backpackers. Nowadays it is getting more popular and also other tourists find their way to this amazing country. Ghana is more prosperous and stable than neighbouring countries, rich in raw materials and large parts of the country are super fertile. Although Ghana does not have great natural treasures, you will find hundreds of kilometres of coastline with beautiful beaches. One of our favourite beaches is called Busua Beach.

Busua Beach is a really beautiful beach of 1 kilometre (0,62 miles) and is one of those places which is really hard to leave. Wow what a paradise. Everyday we drank 1.5 litres of fresh juice from Frankie the Juice man. We loved eating pancakes at Daniel the pancake man. His 2 tables stand in front of a small school in the 800 inhabitants village. It is great to see the schoolchildren in uniforms all having so much fun. Daniel the pancake man has to get ingredients first, in the mean time we see a goat and a few chickens walk through the playing school children.  

At Busua everything is right on the beach. There are some huge, beautiful trees surrounding the village and you can observe loads of birds hunting while relaxing in a sunbed next to the river.

Where to stay

You have a few places to stay but we were happy we stayed at the Ahanta Eco Lodge. The whole surrounding is very special and the lodge has an amazing vibe.

The rooms are very beautiful and have a great design.You feel that the owners really love their lodge and that they have put a lot of effort in creating a beautiful space.

The community feel and incredibly friendly staff is what makes this place most special, you feel very welcome. On booking they get a 9.0 as average rating.

Best time to visit

Ghana has a tropical climate with daily temperatures ranging between 25º C and 35º C (77 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit). It can be very humid at times, but there is always the sea breeze which ensures that there is a little refreshment.

The rainy season in the south lasts from April to June and there is a second rainy season in September and October. This means that every one or two days, mostly in the evening there is a big downpour of rain for one or two hours. In the dry season, from December to March the harmattan wind blows from the Sahara across the country. The means there is a continuous "sand fog". Best to avoid Ghana in these months.

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This article was last updated on May 12, 2022.