Climate and Average Weather in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has different arid climates, such as the cold desert climate and a cold steppe climate. In the northeast, where the amounts of precipitation are slightly higher, there is a combination of a warm Mediterranean climate and a warm continental climate. In general throughout Uzbekistan the contrast between summers and winters can be very large.

Summer usually starts in the second half of May and is warm, dry and sunny. Summer lasts relatively long well into September. The average maximum temperature in the period mid-May to mid-September is between 28 and 38 degrees Celsius (82.4 - 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). July is usually the hottest month and the temperature might occasionaly reach 50°C (122°F) during the day.

In winter most of the country is dealing with daytime temperatures just above freezing and at night several degrees below freezing. However much lower temperatures can occasionally be recorded in Uzbekistan. Cold and snow can then disrupt daily life.

The best time to visit Uzbekistan is from April till June or September till October. These months the day temperatures are milder and the nights are nice and cool. We would avoid July and August because of the heat.

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