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Average monthly weather in Bad Füssing, Germany

What's the best time to travel to Bad Füssing in Germany? Here are some annual weather facts we collected from our historical weather data:
  • Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in June, July and August.
  • On average, the warmest month is .
  • On average, the coolest month is .
  • June is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you don't like too much rain.
  • February is the driest month.
For more information, see the weather forecast and our average climate infomation (by month in graphs) below.

* Data from nearest weather station: Ried, Germany (19.7 KM).
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Average monthly hours of sunshine over the year

This is the monthly total of sunhours
Average monthly sunhours in Ried, Germany   Copyright © 2017 www.weather-and-climate.com

Average monthly precipitation over the year (rainfall, snow)

This is the mean monthly precipitation, including rain, snow, hail etc. Show in Inches »
Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Ried, Germany   Copyright © 2017 www.weather-and-climate.com

Weather Forecast for Bad Füssing

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Light drizzle
Partly cloudy
Light rain shower