Discover Germany's Black Forest

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The Black Forest region of Germany is a must-see destination for nature enthusiasts and travelers looking for unforgettable holiday. This area is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, cultural heritage, eco-tourism initiatives, and, of course, its world-class beer.

Situated in southwestern Germany, the Black Forest boasts some of the country's most picturesque landscapes. From dense woodlands and sparkling lakes to charming hamlets and quaint villages, this region is sure to captivate travelers who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the Black Forest, with more than 24,000 kilometers (14,913 miles) of trails to choose from. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a novice, you're bound to find a route that suits your skill level and interests.

The Westweg is one of the region's most sought-after hiking trails, offering 285 kilometers (177 miles) of stunning vistas and picturesque landscapes. Along the way, visitors can stay at the Biohotel Schlossgut Oberambach, located on Lake Starnberg.

For travelers looking to add a wellness component to their trip, there are several options available. The Yoga Vidya Ashram in Hornberg offers yoga classes, workshops, and you can also stay there, while the Soma Yoga in Freiburg provides tailored private yoga sessions.

For a truly relaxing experience, visitors can indulge in a spa day at the Caracalla Therme in Baden-Baden, a large spa that features indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, and a variety of wellness treatments.

No visit to the Black Forest would be complete without a visit to a traditional German beer garden. The Brauerei Rogg is a highly-rated beer garden located in the heart of the Black Forest region, offering a variety of delicious local brews and traditional German dishes.

For travelers looking for organic food options, the Wochenmarkt Freiburg is a popular organic farmer's market located in the heart of the Black Forest region. It's open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and offers a wide variety of fresh, locally-grown produce and organic products. There are also several restaurants in the Black Forest that serve organic and locally-sourced food, such as the Weinstube am Stadtgraben in Freiburg and the Landgasthof-Hotel Rebstock in Vogtsburg-Kaiserstuhl.

Where to stay

When it comes to eco-friendly places to stay, visitors can opt for the Natur- und Sporthotel Zuflucht in Baiersbronn, which features sustainable architecture and renewable energy systems. The hotel offers a range of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and skiing, and features a restaurant that serves organic and locally-sourced food.

When is the best time to visit the black forest?

If you're interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and exploring the beautiful nature of the region, then the best time to visit is from late spring (May) to early fall (September/October), when the weather is generally warm and sunny. 

If you're more interested in the cultural events and traditions of the region, then the best time to visit is during the winter months, when you can enjoy the Christmas markets,  and participate in other seasonal festivities. 

Ultimately, the Black Forest is a year-round destination with something to offer in every season, so it's up to you to decide when the best time to visit is based on your preferences.

This article was last updated on July 19, 2023.