Kanchanaburi weather in August (Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand)

Curious about the August weather in Kanchanaburi? Wondering if it's a favorable time for a visit? This page provides detailed information on the weather conditions for that month.

In August, the weather in Kanchanaburi typically experiences very high temperatures and high rainfall. Anticipate daytime temperatures around 34°C (show in °F), while night temperatures can drop to 26°C.

While these temperatures are typical, some days might be even hotter. Always be prepared for the unexpected spikes in warmth. Dressing in lightweight and breathable outfits will help you stay cool. Don't forget to stay hydrated and wear sun protection to handle the heat better.

Kanchanaburi in August usually receives high rainfall, averaging around 146 mm (show in inches) for the month. Rain is expected on roughly 18 days.

The area experiences a moderate amount of sunshine, with approximately 118 hours of sunlight expected. This makes it neither too gloomy nor overly bright.

Should you favor a climate that's both dry and comfortably warm December typically offers the most agreeable weather. On the other hand, March, April, May, June and September tend to be characterized by conditions that may not be as favorable.

For an in-depth look at the yearly weather and climate conditions, visit our specialized Kanchanaburi climate page with graphs.


Kanchanaburi, monthly averages in August

Show in Fahrenheit
Min Temperature 25.6°C  
Max Temperature 33.7°C  
Chance of Rain 60%  
Precipitation 146 mm  
Rainy days 18 days  
Humidity 74%  
Sunshine 118 hours  
Percentage Sunshine  

Where to go in Thailand in August

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Legend perfect weather pleasant tolerable unpleasant poor
Perfect weather is subjective. On this map perfect weather has been defined with temperatures between 20-29ºC / 68-84ºF and not too much precipitation (less than 90mm / 3.5inches a month).

So, what should you wear in Kanchanaburi in August?

​ It's going to be warm! Consider airy clothing, t-shirts, and other summer clothes. Shorts for men made of cotton or linen are good options for staying cool. However, there's a good chance of rain, so bring a raincoat just in case. ​ ​

What To Do

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Outdoor sports

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