French Guiana temperatures in September

In French Guiana in September the average maximum daytime temperatures are very high and range from 31°C in Kourou to 34°C in Maripasoula. Nighttime temperatures generally drop to 23°C in Maripasoula and 25°C in Kourou.

What is the temperature of the different cities in French Guiana in September?

Discover the typical September temperatures for the most popular locations of French Guiana on the map below. Detailed insights are just a click away.

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Legend very warm warm pleasant moderate cold very cold
Very warm means maximum temperatures above 30°C. Warm: 22°C to 30°C. Pleasant: 18°C to 22°C Moderate: 12°C to 18°C. Cold: 2°C to 12°C. Very cold: lower than 2°C

  • What is the warmest city in September in French Guiana?
  • Data insights from our comprehensive database indicate that Maripasoula is the city with the highest warmth. Daytime peaks average near 34°C, while the nights are characterized by a low temperature close to 23°C."

  • What is the coldest city in September in French Guiana?
  • In our database, Kourou is the chilliest city in September in French Guiana. Daytime temperatures typically peak at 31°C, while the nighttime lows hover around 25°C.

  • How much sun does French Guiana get in September?
  • Kourou enjoys close to 255 hours of sunlight. This not only brightens the days but also uplifts the atmosphere during the month.

  • What is the water's temperature in September?
  • The water temperature averages approximately 28°C in Cayenne this month, an ideal temperature for swimming and cooling off.

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