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Discover French Guiana

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The sun shines a lot in French Guiana and the locals don't have to work if they don't feel like it. Palm trees cast their shadow here on colonial buildings in the French tricolor. Along the river, toddlers play with hollowed out coconuts. A country in the middle of the tropics where nature is amazing and industry and agriculture is virtually non-existent. A country worth adding to your bucket list!

Very few tourists make it to this small South American country. It's a shame, because nature in French Guiana is still pure and unspoiled. Ninety percent of the country is covered with jungle, everything else is arranged by European standards. The care is of high quality, the education free, and you can find supermarkets on the edge of the forest where they have fresh croissants.

Most beautiful areas of French Guiana

What are the most beautiful places in French Guiana and which sights or nature areas should not be missed?

1. The Amazon

The largest rainforest on earth is 5.5 million square kilometers of surface. Spread over 9 countries: Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. Of all the remaining rainforest in the world, the Amazon covers more than half. Thousands of kilometers of impenetrable forest. You can make primitive but beautiful trips on the Amazon. People live here in nature as how they have lived for decades.

2. Turtles in French Guiana

In May and June turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs, in July and August you can watch the eggs hatch. Awala-Yalimapo is one of the most important breeding beaches.

2. Îles du Salut

Off the French Guiana coast lies the Îles du Salut archipelago, famous for the film classic Papillon about an escape from the prison on the islands.

3. Trésor

The nature reserve protected by the Trésor Foundation is located near the capital Cayenne. Plant lovers in particular will enjoy the great diversity of vegetation here.

4. Amana nature reserve

In the Amana area at the mouth of the Maroni and Organabo rivers there are many swamps and mangrove forests. Let the reserve take you by boat and look for turtles that lay their eggs here.

Where to stay

If you are looking for a special place in Cayenne and you are not on a budget we recommend Hotel Ker Alberte. This charming hotel has a small beautiful garden around the pool. It is an haven of peace, sweetness and well-being.

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Best time to vist

French Guiana has a tropical climate. The temperature in French Guiana is virtually all year around the tropical value of thirty degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit). February, March, September, October and November are the best months to travel to French Guiana. It is best to avoid the mostly rainy and humid seasons. Click here for more average weather information in the capital Cayenne.

This article was last updated on December 23, 2020.