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Climate and average weather in Oman

Oman has a warm climate and along the coast you will experience great humidity in summer. Temperatures during summer may exceed 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). The average monthly maximum temperature in the capital Muscat varies between 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) in June and 25° Celsius in January. The average annual rainfall is only 80-100 mm (3.14 inch - 3.93).

In the north of the country, some areas of the northern Hajar mountains receive an annual average rainfall of 460 mm (18.11 inch). The southern region of Dhofar has milder temperatures and a more temperate climate, with heavy monsoon rains between June and September. In this region annually more than 750 mm (29.52 inch) of rain falls. The best time to visit Oman are the winter months between November and March.

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