Climate and Average Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and a very popular tourist destinations. It has a Mediterranean climate along the coast and Semi-arid climate around the capital Nicosia with long, hot and dry summers. Winters are relatively mild with some rain between December and February.

Of all the European islands, Cyprus is one of the sunniest and warmest in summer. It will be too hot rather than too cold during the months of July and August. Temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius (95 °F) are then quite possible during the day. The only place where you can then find some coolness is in the Troödos Mountains, where at the higher elevations it is sometimes up to ten degrees cooler than on the coast. During winter these mountains can even experience heavy snowfall.

Spring and fall are relatively short in Cyprus and it is generally quite warm and predominantly sunny. Even in October, temperatures can well reach 30 degrees Celsius (86 °Fahrenheit) easily.

The best travel time for Cyprus is from mid-April to mid-October. July and August is high season and because of the high temperatures we recommend to only visit the coastd during this period. Cultural tourists can best visit Cyprus in the second half of April, in the first half of October or in the months of May, June and September.

Good to know is that in May the seawater is still on the cool side, in October you can still count on a warm sea water temperature.

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