Climate and Average Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a well known tourist hotspot. Along its coast, it has a Mediterranean climate, while its capital city, Nicosia, experiences a semi-arid climate. This is characterized by long, hot, and dry summers. Winters in Cyprus are generally mild, with most rain primarily between December and February.

Amongst European islands, Cyprus stands out as one of the sunniest and warmest, especially during the summer. The heat peaks in July and August, with daytime temperatures often going beyond 35°C. For those seeking a cooler environment, the Troödos Mountains provide a welcome escape, where temperatures can be up to ten degrees cooler than the coastal regions. Additionally, these mountains are known to receive a generous amount of snow in the winter.

Both spring and fall are relatively brief in Cyprus. Nonetheless, the weather during these seasons remains pleasantly warm and predominantly sunny. Remarkably, even in October, temperatures can effortlessly climb to 30°C.

For those considering a visit, the ideal time to travel to Cyprus is between mid-April and mid-October. While July and August mark the high season, the intense heat makes it advisable to stick to the coastal regions. For cultural enthusiasts, the latter half of April, early October, and the months of May, June, and September emerge as the most favorable times for exploration.

A handy tip for beach-goers: In May, the seawater tends to be a bit cool. However, come October, the seawater remains nice and warm.

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