Where to go in Goa and the best time to visit

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Those who want to go to the beaches of legendary Goa in India have a lot of options. Goa is a very big region and Goa has a coastline of 160 km (99 mi). From the hippie party resorts and large resorts in the north to the hidden beaches and relaxed fishing villages in the south. We have visited Goa twice in our lives and in this article we will share our favourite places to hang out.
`To be honest we have to say that Goa is no longer the free, relaxed hippie hangout it once was. Unfortunately some places have changed into very touristy places where the majority of the tourists are drunken Russians and Englishmen. But luckily if you do your research there are plenty of beautiful spots to be found. 

Our personal favourite is beach Arambol. Although it is also getting very popular it still has its charm. We really like the hippy market that starts everyday at sunset. You can always expect a jam every evening and the atmosphere is still very relaxed at this beach. Above Arambol there is a beach called Keri beach. It is super quiet here and it is not really discovered yet. A perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle from the other places.

Along the entire coastline of Goa you will find nice beaches. Besides the beaches you have the lush green countryside that offers many alternative routes. The Portuguese influence is noticeable in the delicious food (lots of seafood) and architecture. The combination of beautiful beaches, cheap alcohol and a vibrant nightlife makes Goa a very popular destination among both tourists and locals. 

Recommended restaurants

If you end up staying at Arambol beach here are our favourite restaurants in the area:

Happy Bee Restorent

Best cafe in Mandrem with excellent service. They have very tasty food and the staff really makes you feel welcome. The food is also well priced and the atmosphere is relaxing with comfy seats

Orto | The Garden Cafe

One of the other gems in the Arambol area. This restaurant will bring you smiles and amazing food. A must visit!

Victoria Italian Family Restaurant

If you like Italian food we recommend you go here. The hosts are a lovely couple and we loved the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Where to stay

If you are looking for the best place to stay we recommend the Banyan Tree Yoga in Mandrem near Arambol. For me it was perfect to stay a 10 minute scooter ride away from Arambol. This meant I could always escape the crowd and be at this amazing quiet yoga sanctuary. I stayed here twice and the owners are the ones that make all the difference. Super amazing guys who set up this beautiful yoga eco friendly resort. Really well done! On booking.com they get an average rating of 9.6.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Goa is from October till March. However from October till November it might still rain occasionally, you do avoid the big crowds. We once stayed in Goa in April but we don’t recommend that. It was  super quiet but it also was to hot. Click here for more climate information.

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This article was last updated on January 23, 2022.