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Climate and Average Weather in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country located in eastern Europe and most of the country has a temperate continental climate. In the south, it turns into a warm continental climate and near the Black Sea to a warm maritime climate. So when you look at the weather in Ukraine you have to distinguish between the coastal areas and inland. Inland, winters are somewhat cooler, and on the coast you can see that it gets tropically warm more easily in summer. Ukraine is not a distinctly dry or wet destination.

The weather in Ukraine can be erratic and sometimes very unpredictable. Especially during spring and autumn, within a very short period, the weather can change from cold and wet to sunny and spring-like or vice versa. The months of April and October in particular are prone to this.

Winter in Ukraine is cold and begins about mid-November and lasts until early March. This is followed by spring that lasts through the end of May. June, July and August are the summer months, then autumn lasts from September to about mid-November.

The best travel time for a vacation to Ukraine is from mid-May to mid-September. If you are going to travel around, take a city trip or an active vacation, it is better to choose a trip between mid-May and the end of June or in the first half of September. The months of July and August can be quite hot. As a result, those are precisely the best months for a beach vacation in Ukraine. Temperatures along the Black Sea coast are comparable to those on the Côte d'Azur in France, and even in terms of sunshine hours, the Ukrainian coast is not much inferior to the French Riviera. This means that Ukraine is a popular tourist destination among Russian tourists and many wealthy Russians who have second or third home here.

It may not be an everyday ski destination, but you can do all kinds of winter sports in Ukraine. In winter there is enough snow for skiing or snowboarding. Especially within the Carpathian's you will find several winter sports areas. The best travel time for a winter sports vacation in Ukraine is from January to mid-March.

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