Climate and Average Weather in Serbia

The far north of Serbia has a continental climate. This means cold winters and hot, humid summers with well distributed rainfall. The south has an temperate oceanic climate with hot, dry summers and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall inland.

Serbia has four seasons. Winter starts in December and lasts till March. On average almost thirty days a year it snows in Belgrade (Beograd). In general significantly more snow falls in the southern half of Serbia. Here you will find different mountain ranges and due to the higher altitudes, it is generally colder which means more snow.

Starting mid-March the chance of days with pleasant weather increases. April is the start of spring and you will have days with twenty degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) or more. Spring lasts relatively short, because summer usually starts the end of May. The official summer months are June, July and August. Summer days are warm and quite sunny with average afternoon temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius (77-86°F) and an average of nine hours of sunshine. September also has a large number of summer days before autumn really kicks in around October. Autumn means a fairly rapid drop in temperature, the average afternoon temperature drops with twenty degrees.

The best time to visit Serbia is from May to September. However those who visit Serbia in July and August may face extreme heat. There are periods where afternoon temperatures rise to unpleasant values of around forty degrees Celsius (104°F). If you want to make a city trip, to for example to Belgrade, we would choose April, May, September or October. In these months you can enjoy pleasant temperatures without it getting too hot. The amounts of precipitation are not so bad in spring and autumn. June is the wettest month, so that's why we did not mention this month. Serbia is also a beautiful destination in winter.

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