Climate and Average Weather in Paraguay

The climate of Paraguay can be called sub-tropical. Paraguay has a rainy season during summer from October to April. Average annual rainfall is about 1,000 mm (39.3 inch) in the Asunción area, about 1500 mm (59 inch) in the forest eastern regions and 800 mm (31.49 inch) in the Chaco. The distance from the sea influences the rains, which increases in the east and decreases in western areas. In the area Chaco you can find a tropical climate with hot summers and very warm winters.

Summer, from December to March, has high monthly temperatures between 30 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) and 33 degrees Celsius (91° Fahrenheit). In some other in the north it can reach 38 degrees Celsius (100° Fahrenheit). Winters are temperate and dry with average temperatures between 13°C (55° F) and 21°C (69° F). Because of the great heat and rain, the best period for the visit of Paraguay is in the winter months between May and September.

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