Climate and Average Weather in Moldova

Moldova's climate is temperate continental with the four seasons of the year clearly defined. It has mild short winters (December-March) and long hot summers (June-September) with a lot of sunny days. The average temperature during the day in summer is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius (77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to a stable high pressure area over the south of Russia or Ukraine, very warm air can move towards Moldova, which can lead to a lot higher temperatures. A heat wave with high temperatures and sometimes weeks-long drought can therefore occur almost every summer.

September often offers pleasant weather, with a late summer character. The real transition to autumn usually takes place around the beginning of October. Afternoon temperatures will drop from around 25 degrees (77°F) in early September to around ten to fifteen degrees (59°F) at the end of October. During winter the dry temperate continental air from the Eastern and South-Eastern parts of the Eastern European Plain causes drought, also the cold Arctic air can cause dramatic weather changes. In the mountains, winter begins in mid-November, in southern Moldova it starts in December. Temperatures then drop below freezing almost every day across the country.

There are 2060-2360 hours of sunshine per year in Moldova; temperatures above freezing are registered 160-200 days per year. Precipitation ranges between 370 and 560 mm (14.5 - 22.05 inches) per year and more than 10% falls as snow, which can melt several times during winter.

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