Climate and Average Weather in Fiji

Fiji, situated in the South Pacific Ocean, is a Melanesian country. Located approximately two-thirds of the distance between Hawaii and New Zealand, it comprises 332 islands, of which about 110 are inhabited. The nation enjoys a tropical marine climate, characterized by a warmer and a cooler season.

The variation in temperature between these seasons is relatively minor. During the warmer months, daytime temperatures hover around a tropical 30°C. In the cooler season, the temperature drops by a few degrees. Nighttime temperatures exhibit a similar trend. While they stay well above 20°C in the warmer months, they can dip slightly below this mark during the cooler period.

Fiji's wet season spans from December to April. The higher relative humidity during this time can make the perceived temperature feel significantly higher than the actual reading.

Seawater temperatures around Fiji remain consistently inviting. In the local winter months (June - September), it's never colder than 25°C. During summer, this can escalate to 30°C, making the sea almost indistinguishable from the air in terms of warmth.

Another feature of the weather in Fiji is the breeze, which often provides a welcome respite from the heat. The country's climate is majorly shaped by the southeast trade winds. Consequently, the southeast regions of the islands tend to be wetter and experience more wind. In contrast, the western side enjoys a pronounced dry season from July to October, making it the optimal time for a visit.

Hurricane season in Fiji begins towards the end of October and lasts until June. The peak likelihood of hurricanes is in March and April. This is due to the warmed seawater fostering consecutive tropical depressions over the Pacific waters. Occasionally, Fiji faces the onslaught of particularly severe hurricanes.

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