Climate and Average Weather in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has a primarily tropical climate with two very distinct seasons, a rainy season and dry season. During the rainy season the country receives between 600 and 900 millimeters (23.6 and 35.4 inches ) of rainfall. From October to May is the dry season and you will probably experience the harmattan, a hot dry wind which blows from the Sahara. The rainy season lasts approximately four months, from May or June to September, and this season is shorter in the north of the country.

The combination of precipitation and temperature make November, December and January the ideal travel months for a visit to Burkina Faso. Despite the heat, February can still be counted among the best travel months. It is then dry and warm to very hot with 32 to 36 degrees Celsius( 89-97 degrees Fahrenheit). But because of the low relative humidity it is still doable.

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