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Visit South Georgia Island

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In the middle of the Southern Ocean, 2050 kilometers from the southernmost point of the American continent, the smallest mountain range in the world is populated by hundreds of thousands of penguins and fur seals. South Georgia must be a bucket list destination for all nature lovers. It has become famous through the nature series Frozen Planet. During a trip to South Georgia you see valleys full of king penguins, in numbers that exceed any imagination. Fur seals that defend every piece of beach like a watchful guard. You will be in awe.

South Georgia is, after a short stop on the Falkland Islands, is the first country after days sailing over the rugged southern ocean. Wind force 8 is a breeze, wind force 10 is normal. Only the coastline is accessible, the rest of the more than 3700 square kilometers island consists of mountains and snowfields. Mount Paget is the highest peak at 2934 meters. 

Most trips to this island go in combination with the Antarctic Peninsula and the Falkland Islands (the so-called Grand Tour). In several years there are one or two trips that only visit South Georgia. All expedition ships and cruise boats stop at a colony of king penguins. These photogenic animals are fond of attention and not afraid of humans. You can also walk from the beach to the colony to see the bizarre woolly, young animals.  A trip you won’t forget quickly.

Best time to visit

We recommend visiting in January or February. This the end of summer and the period when most extraordinary wildlife appears. Click here for more details about the climate in South Georgia.

This article was last updated on December 23, 2020.