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Visit Adams Peak

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Adam's Peak is a holy mountain which pilgrims visit for over a thousand years. Here Adam (according to the Christians) would have set his first footstep after being sent down from heaven. According to the Buddhists, the footstep was left by Buddha on his way to paradise. And according to Hindus, it is the footprint of Shiva.

When to visit

This sacred site is most visited by pilgrims in January. So if you like to blend in with the pilgrims and prefer a gentle not to hot climate we recommend visiting Adam’s peak in this period. The best chance of good weather is from December to March. Click here for more climate information.

What time of day

The Adam's Peak is a pilgrimage of 5,500 steps which means a climb of seven kilometers (4.3 miles). The sunrise is magical on this mountain and this is why most people start climbing at two o'clock at night to see the sunrise on top of the mountain.

Where to stay

We stayed at Heaven Hills guesthouse. It is much more beautiful and relaxing to stay there than in town right at the Adam's peak starting point. Everything was perfect! Super clean, comfortable and not noisy at all. The owner Namal was very helpful in answering our questions and solving all issues. It gets an average rating of 9.3 on Below a picture of the view from the guest house.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Adams peak from Colombo is by train. The train leaves from the station on the edge of Colombo, you will need to take the train to Hatton. Then take the bus or tuk-tuk. A taxi from the station was 2500rs (2019), and a tuktuk to Adams Peak at 3am was 1000rs (this took about 15 minutes). A tuk-tuk is 700rs during daytime hours.

This article was last updated on February 09, 2022.