Unwind, relax and enjoy the tranquil side of Jamaica

A lot of sunshine, vast beaches, beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, forests, delicious rum and addictive music. That's a few words which you could use to describe Jamaica. Once you're in Jamaica you'll soon be dancing and singing along with the reggae tunes. The dancehall parties with the sexy moves are a spectacular sight. Exotic Jamaica is a place that can satisfy your senses intensely, the whole country will energize you. But Jamaica also offers a total different experience, there are still some relatively undiscovered places where you can completely unwind and have a peaceful & tranquil stay. Where? You'll read about it in this article.

We are heading for Long Bay 109 KM from Kingston. With small local buses and cabs you can travel all over the island. Traveling as a "local" is feeling at home; contacts are easily made because Jamaicans are very helpful and friendly. The slogan in case of disappointment is always: 'Soon you learn, mon' and 'soon better'. After a few hours we arrive at one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. Long Bay is a treasure that lies under the radar. As one of the longest beaches in the area, there are plenty of quiet spots in the sand. The area is home to numerous mom-and-pop restaurants, jerk stands, quaint beach houses, and local artists. The beach attracts some backpackers and bohemians, and more and more guest houses are being built. The friendly, time-doesn't-matter atmosphere and sublime surroundings make this a hidden gem. Have a look for yourself:

Where to stay in Long Bay

We always try to find special places to stay. Because a place can be so beautiful, if the accommodation where you stay is disappointing then place is also a less attractive. We went to Long bay because we found Go Natural Jamaica online and they received spectacular reviews. We stayed almost a week in one of their beautiful ocean front villas. The reviews were right, Go natural is one of those magical places that once discovered you want to recommend to all your friends. The location is just steps from a quiet beach and the resort is 'famous' for their yoga classes. During our stay we participated in the yoga classes offered twice a day. The instructors were top notch and I experienced some of the best yoga classes I have ever practised.

The food and the meals prepared by the chef were delicious. They serve high quality vegan meals every day. The centre also has a nice location, it is far from touristic hotels but close to all natural pearls of Portland. I'd recommend to visit the Blue Lagoon, Reach falls (part of the retreat), Rio Grande Rafting in San Antonio, Mineral Hot springs and Winifried beach. This last beach is one of the best beaches we found on Jamaica.

Best time to visit

The nicest weather in Jamaica is in the dry period from January to April. The sun shines often and sometimes some clouds appear which grow into a rainstorm. The weather is the friendliest during this period. Read more about the climate in Kingston here.

This article was last updated on January 03, 2022.