Photo by Carol Shaughnessy

Underwater Festival Florida

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Every July you can go to the underwater festival in Florida. Nearly five hundred divers and snorkelers enjoyed music between the coral reef and fish. The annual underwater festival is held in the Looe Key Reef in the US. It is not really a concert. The musicians do not really play instruments but pretend. However there is music: it is played through an underwater speaker. A local radio station organizes it. Special speakers bring the sounds under water for four hours.
The festival is the only place on earth where divers can listen to music under water. A great thing to add to your bucket list if you ask us. The line-up? Octopus ’Garden by The Beatles, the music of the Little Mermaid and Flipper etc etc. The purpose of the festival is to protect and preserve the coral reefs in Florida, around the Key Islands.

Where to stay

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This article was last updated on October 25, 2019.