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Snorkel the Sardine run

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The annual Sardine Run is one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth. Millions of sardines are first hunted by dolphins and after them birds, sharks and whales also join the hunt. And you can see it while snorkeling or diving. The most beautiful images from this spectacle can be seen on television. The show can be seen live from the Wild Coast of South Africa. But only if the conditions are right. That is why you might have to spend several days on the water.

The Sardine Run is still relatively unknown. This is partly because it is almost impossible to plan. June and July are normally the months when it happens; this means winter and the cold plays an essential role. At Sardine Run location the cold Gulf current from Antarctica collides with Africa. Sardines loves cold water and normally live at a depth of 80 meters. So every day the weather forecast is checked in the most popular Sardine Run location Coffee Bay at Port St Johns. The weather is decisive.

The Sardine Run is not for everyone. Take into account days at sea, low temperatures, wind, rough waves (sometimes) and cold water. But for that you get something unique: a swirling and beautiful colorful show of Mother Nature. 

Where to stay

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This article was last updated on December 21, 2020.