See Komodo Dragons in Indonesia

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If you are traveling through Indonesia you have the chance to view the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon. The Komodo dragon is found on the islands of Komodo Rinca and Flores. The islands are a few hundred kilometers east of Bali and Lombok. You can view these amazing animals in their islands in their natural environment in the Komodo National Park.The long journey is definitely worth it. 

The three islands of the Komodo islands can only be reached by boat. The three islands and the smaller islands around it form a protected nature reserve. Besides the rare Komodo dragon, the archipelago also has other unique flora and fauna to discover. 

If you want to see the Komodo dragon it is only possible if you book an organized tour where you will visit the Komodo dragon under the guidance of a park ranger. Since it is not entirely harmless to get close to the Komodo dragon, the park ranger is "armed" with a kind of pointed spear to keep the animals at a distance if they get too close. Although the animals normally will not attack people normally, they can easily kill someone. The Komodo dragon is a very impressive sight and can be over 3 meters long. 

How to get there

The Komodo islands can only be reached by boat. There are no roads on the island and no airport. The island is completely refrained from any kind of infrastructure. Everything is still pure nature on this protected island. We recommend visiting the Komodo Islands in the dry season between July and September. If you want to avoid the crowds we recommend going in October. It will start raining a little bit but won’t be disturbing.

Where to stay

If you travel to Komodo to see Komodo Dragon or enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna, there are two ways to spend the night. You can book an organized boat tour during which you can visit the Komodo islands during the day and dive in the beautiful waters around the islands. You spend the night on a boat in the open air on the outside deck or in your own room. 

Besides spending the night on a boat, it is also possible to stay overnight in Labuan Bajo, the base for a visit to the islands of Komodo. We recommend staying at Flores Xpirates Dive Camp. Everything is perfect for those who like to escape daily life. No network here which is great. It will be place for your Self.

The place itself is amazing! The sea is wonderful even for snorkeling and the rooms are lovely. On they get an average rating of 8.2.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Komodo islands are from April til October.

This article was last updated on December 22, 2020.