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Feel the beauty of the Marquesas islands

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The Marquesas is an undiscovered part of the world and many who discover it do not want to leave. It is easy to fall in love with this beautiful bay with its rugged volcano peaks in the background. On this fertile volcanic island you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere and you can walk for hours through the green valleys. In the past tribes were continuously in a state of war and tried to impress each other. Nowadays the islands of Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Fatu Hiva and Ua Huka guarantee peace, unspoiled greenery, beaches and sea.
You get a good impression of the rich Polynesian history when you visit this island group. It has the most ancient mareas (holy places) and Tiki's (statues) of French Polynesia. The mareas are often deep in the woods and some are still to be discovered. Cannibalism was inseparable from the culture of the Marquesas, they believed that you could absorb the energy of a warrior by eating it.

On the mysterious island Nuku Hiva, the largest of the Marquesas, you will find imposing spears of mountain peaks, remote green valleys and ancient areas, fjord-like bays and high waterfalls. At the bay of virgins on Fatu Hiva you can visit the towns of Omoa and Hanavave. Hanavave is located on the Bay of Virgins, which is praised as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

On the artistic island of Ua Huka there are more wild horses than the number of inhabitants(around 500). You can explore the island by jeep or jump in the saddle of a horse for a more adventurous ride. 

How to get there

Getting to and around the Marquesas is a unique bucket list experience in itself. If you want to travel by boat, there are around 45,000 freighters plying the major trade routes across the world each year, and some take passengers. Cabins are often available for single legs of the trips, or round-trips. Meals are usually included in the fares and facilities will not be as luxurious as regular cruisers but are still OK. Usually have a simple cabin with a bed, table and chair, and access to the crew's lounge. Tickets have to be booked six-12 months in advance. Click here for more information.

Where to stay

If you are looking for an unique place to stay we recommend visiting Chalets Hanakee. It has an incredible view of the bay and the chalets are built to be in total harmony with nature. The availability and the kindness of the hosts is amazing and they love to share the love of their beautiful island. They get an average rating of 9.2 and you can book it here on

Best time to visit

We recommend going from May to October. These are the coolest months in the tropical Marquesas. For more information about the average weather in Atuona click here 

This article was last updated on December 04, 2020.