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Dive and feel like Robinson Crusoe at Glover’s Reef

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Belize has an amazing number of beautiful small islands. Many of these islands are unaffordable for the average backpacker. Glovers Reef is an exception to this. Let us introduce you to this mini paradise.
Glover's Reef is one of the best dive spots in Belize and it is not just an island, it is an atoll. That means that the coral reef has risen above the sea level. Although the island itself is only 10 hectares, you will find an incredibly large coral reef (and also marine reserve). Around the island you can enjoy fantastic snorkeling and diving. The (friendly) sharks and stingrays will swim only 1 meter from the coast. 

On this island you can enjoy a week long camping on the beach in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Because the island is so small, you have a maximum of 20-30 fellow travelers around you. Once you have arrived, you are taught which coconuts are good for eating and drinking, how to open them and where you can fish. So if you are on this peace of paradise the mornings can consist of collecting coconuts for the rest of the day. In the afternoon you can snorkel or dive and in the evening watch the sunset while eating some delicious fish.

Glovers Reef is 2.5 hours away from the mainland, making it one of the most remote islands in Belize. There is no internet, no electricity and no store to buy food. You may sleep in a hammock on the beach, but if you prefer a roof over your head then there are several other options. You can, for example, camp with your own tent or sleep in a dorm. It is also possible to camp in a tent. Ideal and cheap options for the backpackers. 

Best time to visit

We recommend visiting Glover’s Reef in the dry season from December to June. If you want to escape the tourist season we recommend going in May and June. Prices are lower and rainfall is just getting underway. For more climate details about Glovers Reef click here 

Where to stay 

Would you prefer something more luxurious? We recommend Isla Marisol Resort. The cabanas are basic and comfortable with wonderful ocean breezes and views. The whole experience was more than we could ever imagine. The grounds, cabins, food and the over water bar were just perfect. Everything about this place was lovely. t's a fantastic getaway with excellent diving (along with other activities). However it was the staff that really makes this place great in my opinion. You can book it here on

This article was last updated on March 31, 2020.