Bridal Veil Falls - Provo’s Waterfall Wonderland

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Just a quick drive out of Salt Lake City and you are staring at a massive, natural waterfall that almost seems to pop right out of the mountains! Located in Provo, UT, Bridal Veil Falls should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only are there multiple summer activities, this picturesque park is accessible year round, and is just as stunning throughout every season. Free parking and completely free access; Locals can skip to the bottom for a secret spot they may not know!
Driving through the majestic Provo canyon (UT Hwy. 189) teleports you to the Southern National Parks our state is so famous for with towering canyon walls and picturesque views at every turn; While the beautiful Provo river keeps the area lush and full of life at the base of the canyon. 

Cool off at the base of the falls by sticking your toes in the frigid, snow melt wading pool. On hot summer days you might be lucky enough to get an ice-cream truck stopping by, or the equally as loved shaved ice trailer at the base parking lot, closest to the falls.
More adventurous folk can hike all the way up to the falls in a short, (~20 minute) distance that gets a decent amount of incline; Considered a CLASS I hike, don’t let that fool you - there are some steep spots! That being said, the top of the falls may get slippery depending on the season, and the wind; Proper hiking shoes are desirable.  Dogs are allowed! 

Not looking to hike? Walk, skate, or bike along the paved, 15.2 mile long Provo River Parkway Trail;  Connecting Utah Lake State Park and Vivian State Park - at the base of Provo Canyon. With the paved Parkway being 8-10ft wide, don’t let a busy parking lot steer you away!  Take in the history of the falls by reading the signage along the pathway; View old horse corrals and different water treatment buildings that have been used over the years. 

Handicapped accessible, and highly recommended for those who are not fully accessible;  View the falls, and get pictures of the whole canyon from the top parking lot and never have to leave your car!  There is also a trail down to the base of the falls from the upper parking lot. Spend a whole day here with picnic tables, benches, grassy knolls, and grills accessible throughout the park; and along parts of the pathway.  

Locals, have you made it to the Upper Falls yet? About half a mile up the Provo River Trail find the old, cement water treatment building that has graffiti art all over.  There will not be trail head signage, but the trail stays decently distinguished until you see the waterfall.  Obviously smaller than Bridal Veil, and man-made, nonetheless this is a beautiful spot to get away from the crowds and sun; This portion gets very icy/slippery during the fall and winter seasons.
Are you a local who’s tired of the falls, but love the location and snow melt waters during the hot summer days? Kayak, tube, or raft down the river with some of our local guides, and bring friends! Pass by tee-pees, go under bridges, and wave to the infamous candy man that swings out on his rope to drop candy in your tubes - I’m not joking! Make sure you have the proper gear, and someone meeting you at the bottom, as this is not a loop, and is very-much-so a real river!

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This article was last updated on August 28, 2020.