Climate and Average Weather in Saint Helena

Home to 6,000 inhabitants, the tropical Saint Helena Island off the South Atlantic coast is one of United Kingdom's overseas territories. As a territory, Saint Helena Island effectively serves as an operational base for the British government. Aside from being an administrative island, Saint Helena is particularly renowned for its azure waters, lively beaches, and the preservation of aquatic life, as the island is home to one of the world’s most expansive sea turtle sanctuaries.

A tropical island situated in the Southern Hemisphere, Saint Helena is one of the world’s most remote islands. The average weather and climate in Saint Helena Island is pleasant as inhabitants enjoy a hot and humid climate as well as clear skies and lots of sunshine all year-round. On average, temperatures in the island can reach maxiumum average temperatures of 28° Celsius (82° Fahrenheit) in the capital city of Jamestown. The warmest months of the year in Saint Helena are from January to March, while the coolest months of the year in the island are from June to September.

Trade winds originating from the south pave their way to Saint Helena, keeping temperatures low in warmer months. Travelers will get to appreciate windy days as residents attribute this phenomenon to high air quality, a mark of unmatched serenity.

In terms of precipitation, Saint Helena Island has two wet periods as referred to by locals as the Lent Rains in March and the Scruffy August. This is when days in the island start with gloomy mornings due to Saint Helena getting lesser hours of sunshine in both rainy periods. Average annual precipitation in the capital city of Jamestown is 119 mm (4.7 inch). Although Scruffy August is named as such, October is actually the least sunny month in Saint Helena, while March is the sunniest month of the year.

How do I get to Saint Helena Island?
Saint Helena can be accessed by plane and by ferry. The most frequented route by tourists is a plane ride from the South African city of Johannesburg. Saint Helena Airport likewise can be linked to ferry services frequenting nearby islands.

Does it snow in Saint Helena Island?
On average, it does not snow in Saint Helena. However, there has ben a recorded history of hail, closest to solid precipitation, in the island in the 19th century.

As it does not snow in Saint Helena Island, travelers are advised to dress in light, comfortable clothing to make the most out of their Saint Helena trip. Take note, however, that weather conditions across towns and cities may vary. We advise you to best rely on local weather reports of the town or city you would like to visit.

When is the best time to visit Saint Helena Island?
Saint Helena Island can be visited all year-round as the weather variations across the months tend to be minimal. However, to make the most out of outdoor activities, we recommend visiting between the months of December to February as these are among the sunniest months with little to no rainfall.

Saint Helena’s rich biodiversity is what gravitates nature lovers and science enthusiasts to pay a visit to the island. One tourist destination is Plantation House where Jonathan the Giant Tortoise lives. As Jonathan is a biodiversity icon with its age at almost two centuries old, he is featured in Saint Helena’s 5-pence coin. Another marine life attraction on the island is dolphin watching in Lemon Valley. Saint Helena also has azure waters ideal for swimming and diving in the bluest waters alongside exotic marine life.

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