Climate and Average Weather in North Korea

North Korea has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Long winters bring very cold and clear weather with sometimes snow storms as a result of northern winds that blow from Siberia. The daily average high and low temperatures for P'yongyang (Capital of North Korea) in January are -3 degrees Celsius (26.6° Fahrenheit) and -13 degrees Celsius (8,5° Fahrenheit). Average snowfall is approximately thirty-seven days during the winter.

Summer tends to be short, hot, humid, and rainy because of the southern monsoon winds that bring moist air from the Pacific Ocean. The monthly average high and low temperatures for P'yongyang in August are 29 degrees Celsius (84° Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celsius (68° Fahrenheit). On average, approximately 60 percent of all precipitation (rainfall) occurs from June to September. Spring and autumn are transitional seasons marked by mild temperatures and variable winds and bring the most pleasant weather to visit North Korea.

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