Climate and Average Weather in the Maldives

All the islands of the Maldives have a tropical monsoon climate, with little variation in maximum and minimum temperatures. The average maximum temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) during the day throughout the year. At night it cools down to around 25°C (77°F). Because of the humidity it can often feel very warm.

The sea temperature (28 °C / 82° F) is the same the whole year. Dry season is from half December until the half of April, these are also the most sunny months. Wet season is from May until the beginning of December. During the wet season about 200 mm (7.87 inch) of rain falls per month. Luckily there are hardly any days that go completely grey. The sun often shows itself between showers.

Because of the proximity to the equator the UV-index is always extremely high, so please protect yourself with good sunscreen. The best travel time is the dry season. Just keep in mind that around Christmas, a holiday to the Maldives will cost you a small fortune.

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