Climate and Average Weather in Malawi

Variations in altitude in Malawi lead to wide differences in climate types. The vast water surface of Lake Niassa has a cooling effect with a mean annual temperature of 24° C (75° F ). Average rainfall is heaviest along the northern coast of Lake Malawi, where the average is more than 163 cm (64 in) per year; about 70% of the country averages about 75-100 cm (30-40 in) annually. Lilongwe, in central Malawi, at an elevation of 1,041 m (3,415 ft), has a moderately warm climate with adequate rainfall.

The best time to travel to Malawi is during the winter months between May and October. In these months you will experience cool temperatures and it is mostly dry. The weather during summer, November to April, is hot and humid and these months are also part of the rainy season. The coolest months are June and July when daytime temperatures hover around 21 degrees Celsius ((70 Fahrenheit). Nights tend to be very cold.

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