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Climate and average weather in Macedonia

Macedonia's climate features hot summers and cold winters. May-October is an excellent time to visit, as it's the warmest and driest part of the year. Average monthly temperature in the summer is 73 F/23 C, but a sweater may be needed in the evenings. Fall tends to be dry in the country. The winters are very cold (average monthly temperature is 35 F/2 C), often drizzly, snowy and windy, especially in the interior and the north. Snowfalls can be heavy in winter, which can cause travel delays.

The average yearly rainfall in the areas with changed mediteranean climate is fairly low. The average yearly rainfall by the Vardar river is less than 500 mm., and it is one of the driest regions in the country. In the other areas of the changed mediteranean climate the average rainfall is 600-750 mm. Snowfall is very rare for these areas.

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