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Climate and Weather of Hong Kong

Located in southeastern China, Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate. Summers, which span from June to September, are both hot and humid. During this period, typhoons are not uncommon and can lead to flooding and even landslides. On the other hand, fall is pleasantly mild and notably sunny, especially between November and December. During these months, temperatures typically range between 21°C and 24°C.

Winters in Hong Kong are mild. Snow is a rarity, though February can often be overcast and gloomy. Spring tends to be cloudy as well. For a warm and sunlit experience, fall is an ideal time to visit Hong Kong, with numerous sunny days.

What is the coldest month in Hong Kong?
January holds the distinction of being Hong Kong's coldest month. The average maximum daytime temperature hovers around 18.6°C. Occasionally, temperatures might drop below 16°C, and in certain elevated regions, they can plunge to 0°C. January is also the driest month. While sunshine can occasionally grace the city, most days tend to be overcast.

What is Hong Kong’s hottest month?
July is the hottest month of Hong Kong's year. Temperatures fluctuate between 27°C and 32°C. But the heat of July isn't its only hallmark; the month is also characterized by high humidity, averaging at 81%. Rainfall is frequent, with about 17 rainy days in the month. Additionally, typhoons can strike in July. If comfort and safety are priorities, consider visiting Hong Kong a couple of months later. However, for those who appreciate the rain, July has its own charm.

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Additionally, some pages provide historical weather data such as humidity, wind speed, and water temperature.

Places in Hong Kong

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