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Climate and average weather in Dominica

Dominica is an all-year destination; the temperature remains constant almost year round. In winter months the temperature averages between 21° and 28°Celsius (69 & 82 degrees Fahrenheit) and in summer it ranges from 23°to 30°Celsius (73 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit). The dry season is from February to April and the rainy season is from June to October. The spring months, from February to April, are the driest. The heaviest rain falls during late summer and fall, this is from August to December.

The average yearly rainfall ranges from about 1,900 mm on (at the coast) to 5,000 mm (inland). Hurricanes coming in from the Atlantic Ocean can be expected during summer months, usually between June and October. The peak of hurricane season is late August to early September.

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