Climate and Average Weather in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located in Asia and has a tropical monsoon climate. Bangladesh has two seasons in terms of temperature: the slightly cooler winter (October - March) with maximum temperatures between 22 and 29 degrees Celsius (72 - 84 degrees Fahrenheit). During spring, the temperature rises rapidly after which the monsoon period (June - October) causes a slight dampening of the heat.

In summer months (March - June), the difference between day and night temperatures are the smallest. The mercury drops to just below thirty degrees (86 F) at night.

The monsoon in Bangladesh very clearly puts a stamp on its country. The heavy rain during this season causes large parts of Bangladesh to flood between May and October. During this period, more than 500 millimetres (20 inch) rain falls locally, you can expect heavy rain showers which last for several hours. The floods are not only caused by the heavy rain, but also because of huge amounts of water coming from the Himalayas, eventually arriving in the rivers of Bangladesh. The rainy season ends in October, after which the weather is mostly very stable and sunny.

The best travel time for Bangladesh is from November to February, when you have a pleasant temperatures and little to no precipitation.

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