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Zihuatanejo: A Pacific paradise with beautiful beaches

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On Mexico's Pacific Coast, in the state of Guerrero, you find a city of 130,000 inhabitants known as Zihuatanejo. It was once a small fishing community but is now on its way to become one of Mexico's most popular destinations. Zihuatanejo is a Pacific paradise with stunning beaches, hospitable locals, and a relaxed way of life. This beach is also home to multiple environmental projects and you can support these projects through your visit.  

Why is Zihuatanejo special?

Ziahuatanejo is special for a huge number of reasons; firstly, because a lot of people here utilize sustainable means of tourism. Secondly, From cities including Mexico city, Morelia, Guadalajara, and Guanajato musicians come to perform here and be close to nature.

Internationally this place has become very popular because of its focus on sustainability, so this attracts a conscious type of traveller. Combine these travellers with great musicians and you have the perfect recipe for a lot of fun. It is a quite rare location as it is the most environment friendly beach. Most resorts are also solar powered, a regional program is there to protect watershed of the Juluchuca river and these programs also provide earning, education and agricultural opportunities for the locals.

How to get to Zihuatanejo

Most people before they come to Zihuatanejo visit Acapulco. That's why we will explain the following methods to go from Acapulco to Zihuatanejo. 
By bus: The cheapest way to travel from Acapulco to Zihuatanejo is by bus, which costs $10 - $22 and takes approximately 4h 35m.
By train: Presently, you'll discover that Mexico has short-line, passenger, and freight rail lines throughout Mexico. Although they only go a short distance, these trains are effective at getting too many Mexico City locations. The drive-through taxi will cost you about $150 - $180 and the time duration is around 3h and 21 minutes.

Best time to visit Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo can become congested during the summer months because to its popularity among international and Mexican tourists. The weather can also get warm and humid during summer. It is best to travel to the Guerrero coast between November and May. Moreover, this period coincides with winter and rainfall is also rare. A big plus is that hurricane season is over and the temperature fluctuates between 25°C and 33°C (77 - 91 °F). Click here for more climate details.

Top Restaurants in Zihuatanejo Mexico

The ideal time for you to sample some Guerrero state specialities is during your visit to Zihuatanejo. A healthier, animal-free diet is becoming increasingly popular. Vegan and vegetarian cultures have grown in popularity, so locally there has been many vegan initiatives taken to provide tourists with delicious sustainable food.
La Casita Ecovegana: The first restaurant in Zihuatanejo to serve vegan food. The eco-vegan cooperative was founded as an initiative to spread awareness of sustainable food through open cooking classes for everyone. Later, the cooperative transformed into "La Casita," a location where, in addition to the monthly workshops, led by Ma. Luisa Quintero, a specialist in vegan food, now provides daily herbal breakfast and lunch.
La Raíz de la Tierra: This is a complete plant-based restaurant. A coffee, music, and art concept restaurant with a huge selection of food, juice therapy, and a universe of unique healthy drinks, opened in Ixtapa in 2017. Ixtapa is approximately 4 KM (2.4 miles) from Zihuatanejo.
Vegano Entre Zankas: After making dietary changes and discovering the advantages of vegan food, Cecy Santos started a tiny eatery in the heart of Zihuatanejo. By making everything on the menu on-site, canned products and artificial preservatives are avoided. 

Where to Stay in Zihuatanejo Mexico

Are you trying to find the top sustainable hotels in Mexico's Zihuatanejo? We have you covered right here. Following is a list of the top eco-friendly hotels:
Bungalows Tree Tops: If you are looking for an amazing place which is well kept and decorated and right next to the beach, Tree Tops is the place to be. In an effort to help increase the endangered sea turtle population, Tree Tops hatches, raises and releases baby sea turtles and if you are lucky you can watch them being released into the sea
The Studios at Solana Boutique B&B: This place is also very beautiful and it offers an outdoor, salt-water swimming pool with a terrace and stunning sea views.

The Studios at Solana Boutique B&B Picture by:

Solana Boutique has super friendly owners who created a lovely garden. It is located hillside overlooking Las Gatas Surfing Beach.

Best Things to Do in Zihuatanejo Mexico:

Following are some of the Top-rated Things to do:    
• A.T.V excursions exploring headwaters    
• The Costa Grande Mseum (Zihuatanejo Museum)    
• Ride a horse in Zihuatanejo     
• Go Snorkeling in Zihuatanejo     
• Spend the day in Ixtapa, Mexico    
• Try the Best Dining Options in Zihuatanejo 

Zihuatanejo, formerly a peaceful fishing community, is today regarded as a laid-back substitute for Ixtapa, which is close by. It has some of Mexico's top beaches. Unlike other off-the-beaten-path destinations in Mexico, Zihua is very accessible and sustainable. If you choose to travel to Zihuatanejo, you can take part in swimming, snorkeling, and many other water sports.

This article was last updated on September 29, 2022.