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Tree climb in Pemberton

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Looking for something different to put on your bucket list? How about climbing huge trees in Pemberton, Australia? There are 50 - 70 meter high trees in Pemberton, they are equipped with a viewing platform and were used as fire lookout towers between 1937 and 1952. There are metal rods in the tree that form a kind of staircase, but it is not more than a centimeter in diameter. In addition, there is a gap of about half a meter between the steps, so the climb is a real adventure.

There is no supervision and there are no fences around it. You might expect a sign saying that access is forbidden, but that is not the case. The only warning is: “climbing with a backpack on your back and that climbing with slippers was not recommended.” Thanks for the tip haha

Once you arrive at the top, you can take a breath and you stand on a wooden plateau. You will love the view, it is a real experience to be able to look over the treetops. And the fact that you have climbed all the way yourself adds extra value to the view. 

Best time to visit

We recommend to visit Pemberton from October til April. These are the dry warm months. Starting May you will experience more rain and clouds making the view less speculator. Click here for more climate information in Pemberton.

Where to stay

If you are looking for a special place to stay in Pemberton and you are not on a budget we recommend the Karri Vally Chalets. It is a wonderful quiet chalet cottage in a beautiful natural surroundings.

You most probably see wild Kangaroos and emus. Pemberton city is just a short drive. We highly recommend this place. Very peaceful and relaxing. On they get an average rating of 8.2.

This article was last updated on December 22, 2020.