Top 5 secluded beaches in Greece

Greece is an absolute dream destination for countless tourists annually. No wonder, both mainland Greece and the Greek islands offer turquoise blue sea, paradise-like temperatures, good food and lots of Greek pleasures of life. Probably the most popular destinations in Greece are Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. Yet, for those in search of tranquility away from the busy crowds, Greece harbors hidden gems along its shores. Secluded beaches that promise serenity and untouched beauty. Here, we reveal these lesser-known beaches for your next Grecian adventure.

Fokos Beach, Mykonos

Located in Myrsini Bay on the northern side of Mykonos. Fokos Beach remains a secret escape, reachable through a cobblestone road from the village of Ano Mera. This pristine beach offers wide, clean sands and is a popular spot for naturists seeking peace.

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While you won't find the usual beach amenities here, a charming taverna nearby provides a great dining experience with stunning beach views. Fokos Beach, along with the nearby Myrsini Beach, stands as a tranquil alternative to Mykonos' often crowded shores, offering a slice of quiet paradise.

Seychelles Beach, Ikaria

Ikaria, an island unspoiled by mass tourism, presents Seychelles Beach. This hidden beach is set against cool rock formations. It rewards those willing to venture through its wild terrain with crystal-clear waters and a sense of seclusion which gives it a private island feel.

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Ikaria itself is a wonder of natural beauty and longevity, with its residents known for their above-average lifespans. This likely stems from the island's healthy lifestyle and unspoiled environment.

Potami Beach, Samos

Potami Beach is located on the northwestern coast of Samos. It is a three-kilometer (1.8 miles) drive from Karlovasi and is easily reached by car. There are two beach bars, however only during the summer period. From the upper St. Nicolas chapel you have an amazing view of the beach. Especially in the early season you can combine a visit to the beach with the Potami waterfalls nearby.

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Potami beach is a pebble beach and if you want to walk to the falls, water shoes are required. Walking on flip-flops is nearly impossible. You can park your rental car or scooter for free within walking distance of the beach. The beauty of this beach is that a rocky outcrop in the sea divides it into two almost identical bowl shapes.

Kedrodasos Beach, Crete

With a touch of history, culture, and breathtaking views, Crete is one of the most visited places in Greece. Hundreds of enchanting beaches surround the island, but Kedrodasos Beach is a recommendation for those seeking solitude away from the beaten path.

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It is located in the southwestern part of Crete, a few kilometers away from Chania and the famous Elafonissi beach. Additionally, there are a few accommodations nearby, making it the perfect place for a traveler that wants peace and quiet.

Mouros Beach, Amorgos

Amorgos, with its rugged landscapes and clear waters, is proud of Mouros Beach. Favored by locals, this pebble-strewn beach is celebrated for its crystal-clear waters and fascinating seabed, making it a snorkeler's dream. It is located 18 kilometers (11 miles) south of Katapola and 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from the capital town of Chora.

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The drive by car takes about half an hour. To get to the beach you need to follow a fairly narrow walkway down the hill. It is recommended to wear proper footwear. Mouros beach is not a beach for small children due to its rapidly descending seabed and rocky coast.

This article was last updated on February 02, 2024.