Photo by Benj Barr

The AgitÁgueda Art Festival

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Each summer, when temperatures soar, a handful of Águeda's narrow streets feature colourful umbrellas that provide shade to the pedestrians below. Hundreds of umbrellas are hung for an art project during the AgitÁgueda Art Festival in July. The "Umbrella Sky Project" began in 2011 and it produces enormously colourful photos.

The Umbrella Festival of Águeda in Portugal is becoming increasingly famous. The Umbrella Sky Project started out as a playful thing, but has since than conquered the internet. Photos of the hanging umbrellas with people walking underneath are massively shared on social media.

The Umbrella Project is now being replicated in countless places in the world. But Agueda was the first.

Where to stay?

We recommend XPT Águeda - Alojamento Local. A very clean and comfortable hotel in the centre of town overlooking a pedestrian street that is covered by colourful umbrellas during the whole of July. The owner was very friendly and helpful. There are plenty of restaurants and a supermarket nearby.

On they get an excellent average rating of 9.2.

This article was last updated on April 25, 2022.